Here are 10 Things to Do before Selling a Home

  1. Get your paper work together: Buyers are always interested the annual utility costs, maintenance schedules, service companies and anything else that pertain to the home, such as age of appliances, age of the roof, dates of any major improvements.

  2. Check on the little things: Even if you are on an extremely tight budget, you should take a day and look around your home for the little repairs, such as a missing wall switch cover, peeling paint (especially on the front door), loose shelf etc. New paint goes a long way to helping in the sale of your property.

  3. Erase evidence of pets: Having a pet in the home, we all become accustomed to the smell that our pets create. New buyers will notice it right away, so eliminate the odor, the fur, the stains and any damage created by your beloved pet. Shampoo the carpets or maybe replace the carpeting, if necessary, and don't forget the yard.....replace any grass areas and "scoop the poop".

  4. Clean up the landscaping: Pull weeds, mulch, cut and trim the grass (if in season} and where needed, add some landscaping. Winter, simply remove snow and ice from walks and steps.

  5. Make things less personal: Cut back on an abundance of family photos, trophies and other items of a personal nature and make the home more neutral, yet warm and inviting.

  6. Gather estimates on repairs and replacements: Bargaining is a part of the selling process, but having estimates on larger items, such as the HVAC system, hot water heater or roof, if any are nearing the end of their useful life will allow you to bargain more effectively.

  7. Remove the clutter: Organize closets, garage and basement areas. Remove any excess furniture to make rooms appear larger. Possibly hire a stagger.

  8. Clean: Weather you do the cleaning yourself or hire someone; it is an important part of the selling process. Special attention should be given to windows, baths and kitchen. It is always recommended to have carpets professionally cleaned.

  9. Make selling top of the mind: Remind the entire family of the importance of maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the home during the selling process.

  10. Take pictures: Once prepared and looking nice, take some photos for marketing purposes. Although your REALTOR will certainly take photos, any photos that you can provide showing the home in its best light will be useful.

Selling a home is a very personal affair and can be extremely stressful. The above 10 items are meant to help make the process a bit less stressful and to shorten the time from List to Sale.